Security and Control: The Fundamental Challenges of Cloud Migration

Enterprise IT professionals continue to face file server migration challenges primarily driven by a fundamental lack of support for security and control. It isn’t that cloud storage services are oblivious to these concerns. On the contrary, many have implemented their own mechanisms to secure data. But are enterprises willing to accept these new models – even in the face of accelerating cloud migration pressure? Can they become comfortable entrusting critical, corporate data to faceless third parties? Can they afford to redesign and re-implement existing security practices and administrative procedures?
Unfortunately, the answers seem to lean towards the negative. When faced with the costs of upgrading existing infrastructure or increasing workforce productivity needs, business executives may explore cloud adoption as a modern reflex. But, since they typically operate in a Windows environment, using Active Directory for authentication to Windows file servers with NTFS based access cont…

CentreStack Enhances Security with Endpoint Encryption

The CentreStack platform has recently been enhanced to provide better security with endpoint encryption. CentreStack also provides data-at-rest encryption, but that addresses a different threat model. Let’s review both threat models and explore the advantages in security and performance that come from CentreStack’s unique approach to endpoint encryption.Threat Models for Endpoint Encryption and Data-at-Rest encryptionCentreStack provides access to cloud storage through a mapped drive on your client machine. In order to do so efficiently, we present a directory listing of all content but nothing is downloaded until it is actually used. And once it is downloaded, the data is stored in a local cache on the disk. This approach is great for performance because it minimizes bandwidth usage and avoids overloading the device’s storage system by syncing everything down when most of it will never be used. But what happens if the device is lost or stolen? In that case, even though the thief may …

Secure File Sync and Share

CentreStack is different from other file sync and share solutions by focusing on security and centralized management. There are many security features already, such as leveraging NTFS permission, using drive based access model and etc. As a recent feature, now there is a group policy item that controls client side encryption.  This feature is very unique to drive based access model. As you may be aware, there are two methods when it comes to file sync and share. One method is that there is  a local folder that is 100% sync to cloud. The other is that there is a virtual drive letter that is sync to cloud. The first is folder based, and the second is drive based. In the folder based model, the local folder is basically controlled by the local operating system and there is not much you can do besides the BitLocker or some third party app like TrueCrypt. However, in the dive based model, since the access is going through the file system driver layer, the drive can be encrypt the local cac…

CentreStack Azure AD Support

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution for users who want to use their own file servers and storage services.More and more users are adopting Office 365 and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This video demonstrates the CentreStack Azure AD support.

CentreStack File Locking Explained

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution. It is different from other file sync and share solution in that it has client side drive mapping support, instead of having a sync folder.When it comes to client side drive mapping, a native benefit is file locking. Many other file sync and share solution is built on top of folder synchronization. With folder synchronization, it is not easy to do file locking, nor file permission because after the file is synchronized to local machine, the user has full control.With drive mapping support, like CentreStack’s client applications does, it is possible to do file locking. Because the request for the file first reaches the drive , and the drive can decide what to do first before the request goes to the real file. Here is a demonstration video.

Windows Server 2016 File Sync and Share

CentreStack is a managed file sync and share solution.Windows Server 2016 has reached general availability.Installing CentreStack on top of Windows Server 2016 turns the Windows Server 2016 into a managed file sync and share server. Yes we are announcing that CentreStack works with Windows Server 2016.Here is a demonstration video.

CentreStack macOS Sierra 10.12 - Mac client

This week, CentreStack Mac client was released, supporting the latest macOS Sierra 10.12. Check this video out.