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5 Ways to Block Ransomware with CentreStack's Miyagi Defense

The Karate Kid was one of my favorite childhood movies. Sure, it's a typical American underdog story but do we really care? And who can forget Mr. Miyagi's iconic quotes? One that has always stayed with me is,  "The best block is no be there".   Whether you share my opinions about the movie, or not, I hope you can appreciate that Gladinet has adapted Mr. Miyagi's simple genius to prevent ransomware infections from endpoints by keeping them off the corporate network. Because of its historical use as a multi-tenant productivity platform by MSPs, CentreStack 's ability to supercharge remote access security is often an afterthought. So let's focus on some major security benefits of the platform's unique approach to secure remote access 1. Reduce Attack Surface By Keeping Unmanaged Endpoints off the Corporate Network According to a  security FAQ from Berkely , " Ransomware is often spread through phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or th

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Modernized Access

Modernizing  Access t o File Servers OR   Cloud Storage   Why the double emphasis on “ OR ” instead of "AND"? That minor change relates to an important distinction that has become increasingly meaningful as more companies realize that a complete migration to the cloud may not be possible or practical. For example, more of our managed service provider (MSP) partners are getting requests from mid-market and larger enterprises for solutions that will enhance access to data that needs to remain on-premises. These enterprises are facing the challenge that  m odernizing access to a file server is usually presumed to mean that the file server ’s data must be migrated to the cloud.  As a result, the solutions they find will commonly offer an orchestration layer has to be cloud-based which may not satisfy their need for a self-hosted solution that is entirely on-premises.  On the other hand, if they can migrate file server data to the cloud as part of a total migration, they may f