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Problems with VPN-Based Access to File Shares from AWS Storage Gateway

Are your users struggling with VPN-based access to file shares from AWS Storage Gateway ? For many enterprises, AWS Storage Gateway is a killer service that allows them to create a local file server that is really a gateway that connects to AWS storage services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier, Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, Amazon EBS, and AWS Backup, providing storage for files, volumes, snapshots, and virtual tapes in AWS. In other words, you can build a local file server that is a very convenient front end for these cloud-based storage services. So what’s the problem? The trouble is that remote access needs remain the same as a real file server that is fully on-premises. VPN-based connections are the standard but users tend to have trouble with them and generate lots of support calls and tickets. There were the exact issues faced by the Atlanta Regional Commission after finding that about 20% of their staff were facing constant connectivity issues with their VPN con

Turn Firewall Expenses into Savings or Profits

Are you paying for a Cisco or Palo Alto firewall with a VPN client like AnyConnect? Switching to CentreStack can turn those costs into profits or savings. The amazing thing is that CentreStack is also easier to use, faster and more secure.   Does this sound too good to be true? Are you wondering how we can offer more security than a VPN? And what if you’re locked in with a multi-year contract for your VPN\Firewall? Or what if you need the VPN or even RDP to run applications? Keep reading and we’ll address each of these issues.   Service provider reduces firewall and VPN costs by 80% I recently spoke with one of our MSP partners. They had a large law firm as a client. The firm was using a Cisco Firewall and the AnyConnect VPN client to allow remote workers to access files. After switching 115 users to CentreStack, costs were reduced by more than 80%. More importantly, it was a much simpler experience for remote workers which eliminated VPN-related tickets.   How can Centre