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Sync Windows File Server to Cloud

There are many file sync and share solutions for consumer PCs, but not many specifically targeting Windows File Server. CentreStack solution is specifically designed to help manage service providers and companies that have Windows File Server and wants to migrate or synchronize Windows File Server content to cloud to create a hybrid solution. There are many specific challenges regards the windows file server synchronization to cloud. For example:  (1) How to preserve sharing permission (2) How to preserve Active Directory NTFS folder permission (3) How to make the file server replaceable, can be sync back down if required. (4) How to make the file server available for remote branch office too. The following video demonstrates the Windows File Server Sync to the Cloud. For more information, please visit

CentreStack Licensing

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share, and collaboration solution. Enterprises and MSPs can leverage this platform to provide secure access to on-premise data without any VPN to users from any location using any device. Centrestack installations are clusters that are licensed from partner portal. After you register as a partner you can purchase licenses and assign those licenses to a cluster. The number of licenses purchased will appear in your licence line. As you assign licenses to your cluster the number of unassigned licenses will be decremented. After the licenses are updated to a cluster they can be assigned to individual tenants. Licenses that are no longer in need by a tenant can be reclaimed and reused for other tenants. Once the cluster is licensed you can modify it's branding in cluster manager by navigating the cluster branding section. Under cluster branding section you will find different tabs that allow you to modify the appearance of the web, desktop and