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Gladinet Cloud Enterprise and Its Service Provider Options.

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise has two package options, one is for single enterprise, and the other is for multi-tenant service provider. In the following two video, you can take a closer look at both options. First Let’s take a look at the Service Provider Service Provider Option Enterprise Option

What is New in Gladinet for Year 2014

It is about 50 days into the new year and there are already many changes in Gladinet products and solutions. Here are some of the most important ones. Mobile Client Enhancements iOS client added many features, such as multiple file upload, thumbnail viewing for directory listing. Added token support for security. Android client added many features as well, such as multiple file upload, offline support, and token for security. Large Active Directory Support In January, we simulated an internal active directory forest that covers 3 sub-domains, containing over 300,000 users.  This is largely driven by our enterprise partners. As a result, Gladinet Cloud Enterprise supports very large active directory integration. Better OpenStack Swift Support This is also driven by our partner as more and more are taking on OpenStack Swift as an internal private deployment. Gladinet Cloud Enterprise has been tested against OpenStack Swift again and again, first with Rackspace Cloud Files, then wi

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise Multiple Active Directory Support

As Gladinet Cloud Enterprise got adopted more and more into Enterprise, we have seen bigger and bigger Active Directory setups that we need to support. The following video demonstrates multi-domain AD forest support. The goal is to support big multi-national corporations with multiple Active Directories and with 200K+ users.