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Sync to Google Docs from Windows Explorer with Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Google Docs offers a hosted storage service for storing files in the cloud. Gladinet , a software vendor, has released a freeware solution called Gladinet Cloud Desktop that makes it easy to sync to Google Docs from Windows Explorer. In fact, Gladinet Cloud Desktop turns Windows Explorer into a cloud storage portal that can easily sync to Google Docs from other storage services or upload files from your desktop to any storage service you choose. Gladinet achieves this through a complete Google Doc integration with your file system. What is Google Doc File System Integration? Gladinet Cloud Desktop allows you to mount Google Docs storage as a local folder that looks and behaves the same as any other folder you would access from Windows Explorer.  One neat thing about this support is that you can mix and match storage services, so if you run out of storage from one free provider you can add storage from another free provider. Or, if you need to move files between providers, its as sim