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What is new in build 10.11.7332?

It is year 2020 and CentreStack continues to enhance its capabilities. Here is a list of enhancements in the latest build. Support has been added for MacOS Catalina (10.15) Enhanced Centrestack to follow NTFS permissions when using CIFS or DFS shares as backend storage and also when using in direct attached mode. Device backup has been enhanced to have better support for multiple devices Enhancements to Retention Policy when using Cloud Backup Improvements in Cloud Backup Filters Restored files using Cloud Backup will show the original time-stamps JSON API can be used to enable Team Folder Cloud Backup When changing the user password and enabling the setting 'User must change the password on the next login', user will be forced to change the password before can be allowed any operations on web portal Enhancements to color themes in web portal When sharing files to existing users as 'View only - Downloads Disabled', now the recipients can only view the files in w