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Mobile Access to Your Enterprise File Server

Mobile trend and the cloud computing trend are somehow connected. On one hand, we are seeing companies seeking cloud as a way to provide new access and backup methods. On the other hand, they are also looking for ways to enable mobile device access to their enterprise file server. This article focuses on the mobile access side, while documenting an implementation that does both mobile access and seamless cloud migration for your file server. The basic idea is that you attach your file server folders to your Gladinet team account. Once it is attached, it is like a distributed file system over the cloud. After that you can use your iOS device, Android device or Playbook device to access your file server through your Gladinet team account. Also in the background, the file server folder content is migrated to your Gladinet team account. Now let’s get started.

OpenStack Swift with a Web Front-End

OpenStack is getting popular. There are many companies working on OpenStack now to help services providers or enterprises with their own instance of OpenStack. Let’s say you are one of the companies that has an OpenStack instance with Swift object storage.  Now the next step is to find an easy way for your users to use it. You may have  a wish list of how you can access the OpenStack swift object storage, including accessing it from web browser interfaces; accessing it from iPhone and iPads, accessing it from Android devices , PCs , Macs and so on. With Gladinet solutions, the above methods are all good and ready. This article will discuss accessing OpenStack Swift Object Storage from web browser interface, just like you would with a file manager like Windows Explorer. Fast forward to the end, you will have Gladinet Cloud Cluster installed next to your OpenStack instances, providing access directly from your own data center. Or you can have Gladinet host the cluster for you and conn

Gladinet Team Client for Blackberry Playbook

Earlier this month, Gladinet Team client for android 2.2 was repackaged for Blackberry Playbook and submitted to Blackberry App World.  This will work for Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 and above. From now on, when Gladinet Team client for Android is update, the blackberry playbook app will be updated too. Related Posts Android Client for Gladinet Cloud Team Edition