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Context Menu Options in CentreStack Windows Client

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share and collaboration platform. It has clients available for Windows, MACs, and mobile clients that users can use to have the same native experience which they are used to when using those devices. CentreStack Windows client provides a feature rich context menu which makes it very easy for users to work with their cloud data. This video demonstrates what options are available in the context menu and how users can take advantage of those options.

Disable Local Cache in CentreStack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share, and collaboration platform. Security plays a key role when choosing file syncing and sharing solution for enterprises. Enterprises want to ensure that company confidential data is secure and there is no data leakage. Even though accessed files are copied to local cache on the users machine when users access files in CentreStack but due to company policy and compliance requirements there might be times when companies want to disable keeping files in local cache. In CentreStack, admins can disable local cache for specific users or group of users altogether where a file in local cache will be deleted as soon as the user signs out from the cloud drive. This video demonstrates where and how to disable local cache and also shows how the files will be automatically deleted from the machines local cache folder upon user signing out from the CentreStack cloud drive.

File Locking in CentreStack

CentreStack is an enterprise file sync, share, and collaboration platform. File locking feature in CentreStack enables team members to easily collaborate on files inside a team folder which they all have access to. File locking is enabled by default in CentreStack and it will lock a file when the file is opened by first user. Other users can still open the file but in read--only mode. This feature limits file corruption or changes being overwritten by different users. The video below demonstrates how this feature works on Windows client machines when a file is opened by two different users of the team folder. The functionality works similarly in MAC clients as well.

CentreStack New Web Interface for 2016

CentreStack is a private File Sync and Share solution for managed service provider and enterprise. Every year, CentreStack will have a new design for the web browser interface to keep up with the newest trend in technology, such as responsive design and web document editing. Specifically in this 2016 version of the web browser interface, you will see responsive design throughout all the UI element and the ability to modify word documents without leaving the web browser. You will also see reporting capability leveraging latest HTML5 feature as well.