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COVID-19: Simplify Working From Home with CentreStack

As the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus places increasing pressure on the ability to continue "business as usual", CentreStack's ability to simplify remote access to file servers or instantly migrate a file server to the cloud has been getting more attention as quick, easy ways to provide and accelerate remote access in response to the covid-19 outbreak For many enterprises, it just takes too much time to manually migrate file servers to the cloud and remote access via VPN can be quite error prone. So the ability to leverage their existing configuration and investments is quite attractive.

Data Privacy: Why It’s Important, and Why You Should Protect It

There were 1,244 data breaches in the United States alone in 2018, and that only includes the incidents that actually get reported. It’s no wonder then that only 12% of survey respondents report feeling confident in the ability of the federal government to protect their data online. 
In today’s increasingly digitized world, it’s crucial that you take steps to protect your sensitive data online—in this brief guide, we’ll show you howSource: Unsplash

CentreStack Year 2019 Review

28 Releases and 3,006 Code Check-ins! Another successful year has passed for the development team at CentreStack. This article covers the enhancements and new features added during 2019 as we continue to address increasing interest in data privacy, sovereignty and control from businesses exploring options to modernize and mobilize their file servers on-premises or simplify file server migrations and hybrid deployments.

In response to partners who found it difficult to keep up with our weekly release schedule, we also reduced the frequency of updates to incorporate longer beta test cycles for each release by first releasing it in our hosted environment before shipping it to our self-hosted partners. We cut the number of build in half and lengthened the testing pipeline by 400%

Product enhancements covered several areas including cloud backup, usability, security, mobile access, client updates, performance & scalability.
Cloud Backup CentreStack now provides a simpler, more cost-eff…

What is new in build 10.11.7332?

It is year 2020 and CentreStack continues to enhance its capabilities. Here is a list of enhancements in the latest build.
Support has been added for MacOS Catalina (10.15) Enhanced Centrestack to follow NTFS permissions when using CIFS or DFS shares as backend storage and also when using in direct attached mode. Device backup has been enhanced to have better support for multiple devices Enhancements to Retention Policy when using Cloud Backup Improvements in Cloud Backup Filters Restored files using Cloud Backup will show the original time-stamps JSON API can be used to enable Team Folder Cloud Backup When changing the user password and enabling the setting 'User must change the password on the next login', user will be forced to change the password before can be allowed any operations on web portal Enhancements to color themes in web portal When sharing files to existing users as 'View only - Downloads Disabled', now the recipients can only view the files in web …