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Installing CentreStack on Windows 8.1

With this week’s release, we made CentreStack enterprise server work on Windows 10, Windows 8,8.1 and Windows 7. For a production environment, we still recommend installing CentreStack on Server Platform such as Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2012 R2. For administrators and potential customers, if they want to just check out the user interface and features of the CentreStack solution, it may be much easier for them to prepare a Windows 10/8/7 machine and try it out as a development server. Most of the time, there may be just a few users on the system and in a very convenient way, all the features are all available. For example, a sales person can bring the solution on his laptop; a system administrator can have a full copy of the CentreStack server on his desktop. We give full personal, non-commercial use licenses for these kind of use cases. Without further ado, here is the demo video for Windows 8.1 installation.   For more information, please visit http://www.centresta

Installing CentreStack Server on Windows 10

CentreStack Enterprise Server is a server solution. Windows 10 is a client platform. You are probably surprised that we allow installing an Enterprise Server on a client platform.   The reason is simple. We still recommend running CentreStack Server on Windows Server platform in a production environment. However, there are system administrators that just want to have a development server or have a quick way to check out the CentreStack functionalities, a clean Windows 10 box is much easier to get compares to a full blown Windows 2012 R2 box.   We also want to offer a way for system administrators to check out CentreStack features without consuming product licenses so installing on a Windows 10 box is perfect for this purpose. We offer system administrators free personal non-commercial licenses for the CentreStack servers that they installed on Windows 10/8/7.   Here you go, the installation tutorial video.     For more information, please visit