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OpenStack Swift EFSS (File Sync and Share) with Mac Client

OpenStack Swift is a good fit for private enterprise storage and enterprise file sync and share solution (EFSS). This video demonstrates using a Mac client to access files and folders in the file sync and share solution, while the back end storage coming from OpenStack Swift.   visit and follow the Enterprise or Service Provider link for more information.

OpenStack EFSS (File Sync and Share) with File Permission

EFSS is about file sync and share. Sync is about move files from point to point so it can be shared later. File sharing is about collaboration. OpenStack Swift can be the backend storage service where the files stay. The Gladinet Cloud Enterprise is the user-facing front end providing the sync and share capability. In sharing and collaboration, one of the most required feature is permission control, meaning who can access what files and folders. This video demonstrates OpenStack EFSS solution with file permission control. Team Folder Team folder is like network share, in that you can assign read/write permission to different people. Folder Permission Folder permission is like ACL (Access Control List), that you can assign list/read/write/delete permission to individual folders.   For more details, visit and follow the Enterprise or Service Provider links.

OpenStack EFSS (File Sync and Share)–File Sharing Demo

This session covers the OpenStack File Sync and Share solution. The storage service is provided by OpenStack Swift. The File Sync and Share Layer is provided by Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. In the video, it started by connecting the OpenStack Swift container to user’s home directory, and then upload some files to the cloud folders. After that, it demonstrates the file and folder sharing from web browser interface, windows client interface and from mobile client interface.

OpenStack EFSS (File Sync and Share) with Windows Client

In today’s session, we will demonstrate the Windows client for the Enterprise Sync and Share solution based on OpenStack Swift. The windows client has two main features. One is the virtual drive in the Windows Explorer. The other is the ability to synchronize an existing local folder with OpenStack Swift containers. Check out the video below.

OpenStack EFSS (File Sync and Share) Solution with Active Directory

The previous two sessions covers the OpenStack Swift based EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) solution without the Active Directory integration. This video shows the same EFSS solution based on OpenStack Swift and Active Directory, together with a single-tenant Enterprise Edition of Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. Users from active directory has their home directories from OpenStack Swift containers and can access the files over web browser and desktop clients.

OpenStack EFSS Solution–Web Browser Interface

We kicked off a series of OpenStack EFSS video demo and blog articles. Yesterday we started with a general overview of the EFSS (Enterprise Sync and Share) solution based on OpenStack Swift. Today’s session will focus more on the web browser interface. This video starts from the multi-tenant interface and going into creating a new tenant, and assign an OpenStack swift container to the tenant. After that, it covers the multi-user web browser interface about how each user access the files and folders. (Single Tenant Enterprise Edition is a special case of the Multi-Tenant edition) In the middle of the session, it reviews the team folder concept and how multiple users in the same company can share and collaboration on the team folder. At the end of the session, it also covers the peer-to-peer or point-to-point share. The peer to peer share can share files with guest users or users from other companies.

EFSS (Enterprise File Sync & Share) Solution with OpenStack Swift

OpenStack Swift is for the private cloud, from the CPU to object storage. Enterprise file sync and share focused more on the private cloud, which makes it a natural fit to play together with OpenStack Swift. This video demonstrates the Gladinet Cloud Enterprise (providing the EFSS, enterpriser file sync share layer) running side-by-side with OpenStack swift (running on a Ubuntu server). Together they can provide a private cloud based, enterprise file sync and share solution.

Gladinet Cloud Android Client New Look and Feel

Gladinet Cloud android client over the years has accumulated many features such as thumbnail for pictures, offline browsing, upload multiple pictures, in-place editing of files and etc. The video below documents the new look and feel since November this year.

Gladinet Cloud iPhone Client New Look and Feel

iOS 7/8 changed to the new crisp icon style. The Gladinet Cloud iPhone/iPad client also get a new set of crisp folder icons to match the new iOS 7/8 style.  Here is a short video documenting the new Gladinet iOS client. It shows the directory browsing, preview files, open files in native application, offline browsing and other features.