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CentreStack: The Superior Alternative to VPN and RDS for Legacy Applications in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering

  MSPs Need A Better Answer for Legacy Applications like AutoCAD and InDesign As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) continue to explore cloud solutions that cater to the specific needs of their clients, one area of critical importance is the integration of legacy applications with modern IT infrastructure. Industries such as architecture, construction, and engineering rely heavily on applications like AutoCAD and InDesign, which present unique challenges in a cloud-dominated environment. This blog discusses why CentreStack is emerging as the preferred solution over traditional VPN or RDS setups for these critical sectors. Understanding the Limitations of Traditional Systems Traditional VPN and RDS solutions have been the standard for remote access in industries that utilize intensive legacy applications. However, these systems come with several drawbacks: Performance Issues: VPNs can be slow, and RDS often struggles with latency, especially with data-intensive applications. Complexity