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Modernizing File Server Access and Security

Book a File Server Modernization Demo to Get Free AirPods* Modernizing a file server usually implies a move to the cloud. But what if you need those benefits for data that must stay on-premises? You're not alone. Experts estimate that as much as 90% of enterprise data is still on-premises and 30% will remain there indefinitely. Why modernize access to on-prem data ?   Is your increasingly hybrid workforce pushing the performance and scalability limits of your VPN (Virtual Private Network) ?  Are you worried about increased exposure to security threats like ransomware?   File server modernization revolutionizes remote access to increase productivity, security, and performance for data that must remain on-premises. It provides benefits that cannot be achieved with VPN, RDP, or even Zero Trust Network Access solutions. 1. Give your workers faster, simpler, more scalable remote access.   Book a demo so we can show you how to :   Simplify remote access with familiar mapped drives