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Increasing MSP Profit Margins with CentreStack and Triofox

MSP profit margins range from 8-18% from average to best in class. As an MSP owner, you don’t need a Harvard business degree to understand that profit margins are one of the key financial performance indicators that will play a significant role in determining the health and value of your business. Unfortunately, the average MSP have been hovering around 8% for quite some time. For example, Service Leadership  published an article exploring how to accelerate MSP revenue growth. During the discussion, they examined the same set of MSPs across a 5-year period from 2012 to 2017. They found that there was a modest increase in revenue but margin growth essentially remained flat. Source: Service Leadership Newsletter And lest you think things have changed, the latest numbers from Service Leadership highlight the same trend. Average MSP margins are still 8% while the best-in-class MSPs with the highest Operational Maturity Levels only see margins approaching 18%. Cross-Selling to Incre

4 Ways CentreStack Reduces Compute Costs and Beats the Competition in VDI and Hosted Application Environments

CentreStack is becoming increasingly popular to optimize compute costs by reducing unnecessary loads on the virtual machines and networks used to provide virtual desktops and hosted applications for remote users. These cost optimizations can accelerate profits and, in extreme cases, can even mean the difference between life and death for a business that is being forced to support more and more remote users with varied use cases. A side effect of the varied nature of these remote access use cases is that users often face challenges when accessing data. For example, they may have trouble accessing files in the virtual environment from mobile devices or physical desktops. And given the increasing sprawl of data across file shares, cloud storage, and services like SharePoint, users often find it difficult to navigate access across all these locations. This article will explore 4 ways CentreStack reduces costs and sets itself apart from the competition with unique access solutions for these

How to Triple Hosted Legacy Application Performance

Challenges of Legacy Application Modernization Legacy application migration often presents a prohibitive set of challenges for businesses seeking to modernize and adapt their applications with best-of-breed cloud services, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Despite the compelling business drivers pushing them to complete digital transformation the cost and complexity of rebuilding these legacy applications to become cloud-native often forces them to seek alternatives. The common answer is a “lift and shift” approach where the application and its existing data are essentially “lifted” from the on-premises environment and “shifted” to new hosting premises in the cloud with minimal changes. This reduces the migration costs and complexity since the application is essentially moved to cloud-based servers with almost no changes in architecture, schemas, or any other aspects of the design. For example, an organization may decide to migrate QuickBooks or an ERP application from loc