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Ransomware Proof Your Business with CentreStack

Eliminating Ransomware Threats Many CentreStack users are starting to leverage the platform as a way to make their business ransomware proof and virtually guarantee they'll never have to pay another ransom. In fact, many of our MSP partners are gaining traction by combining CentreStack's productivity benefits with its ability to eliminate the threat of ransomware . For example, they'll use a combination of points like these:  Simpler to Use: More employees are working from and creating VPN support tickets. You are essentially managing each user's home network. CentreStack simplifies remote access and reduces VPN tickets to zero. Better Performance, Management and Security: CentreStack simplifies remote access with WAN optimized drive mapping  that allows you to focus on managing the corporate network, is faster than a VPN and has better security and connectivity Ransomware Proof: The platform uses versioning and behavioral heuristics to guarantee you'll never