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Worker Node Load Balance

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise is a file sync and share solution. When it comes to big enterprise or big user group, one worker node is not enough. The designed capacity of each worker node is around 5000 to 10,000 users per worker node. When multiple worker nodes exist in the same cluster, load balancing is required to fully take advantage of the multiple worker nodes. This video documents the two different ways to do load balancing and the related configuration settings.

Active Directory Multiple Email Addresses Support

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise is a File Sync and Share solution. In big enterprise, people usually have multiple email addresses. There could be one main one and multiple email alias. Sometimes the email address survives merger and acquisition. For example, it is a pretty common practice in the bank industry that people have email addresses from the previous bank and the email address from the current parent bank. Sometimes the email address survives company split. The company may be splitting into two different companies and the same person may have two email addresses, one with the company before the split and one with the company after the split. Whatever the reason is, supporting multiple email addresses for file sync and share is important.  Exchange server has been supporting multiple email alias for a long time. Email received at different email alias will be consolidated into one single email inbox. Supporting multiple email addresses in file sync and share solution is also imp

Multiple Active Directories in One Single Tenant

As part of a series of demo videos about active directory support in Gladinet Cloud Enterprise, a file sync and share solution for private enterprises, today’s video is about how to setup multiple active directories in a tenant. In the most cases, one active directory per tenant is enough. However, in banks, they typically keep multiple directories around and these directories can be from multiple isolated forests for historic reasons. So the question is, how do you make all the users from multiple directories all on board on the file sync and share solution? Here you go, the video demonstrates how to get it done. for more information, please visit and check the enterprise section.