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Introducing Gladinet Cloud for Teams and Businesses

Gladinet is introducing Gladinet Cloud for Teams, a service which provides unified, managed access to cloud and on-premise storage. Bridging the Gap between Local and Cloud With over 1 million download user-base, many customers told us that they will still use local storage during the cloud storage migration. In fact, many will continue to use local storage after the migration is complete. Unification is therefore a key feature that allows some data to be kept on-premise for compliance, control, or security reasons, while moving the rest to the cloud for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the access and management models remain the same, regardless of storage location. The unified approach also eases the practical pains of migration with immediate, cloud-based access to all data, without having to wait for the completion of lengthy uploads. Businesses face the problem of migrating large data sets to the cloud with limited bandwidth. With Gladinet Cloud, their data can be accessed im

Many Different Ways of Using Google Storage

Google has many different storage options. For example, you have Gmail storage, Google Picasa storage, Google Docs storage and etc. This article talks about yet another one, Google Storage for Developers, a new storage option, which is also a pure REST (Representational state transfer) API (application programming interface) based storage service. Search for “Google Storage” in Google, you will land at the Google Storage for Developers home page , where you will start.

Cloud Storage Use Cases

If you are thinking about the cloud storage, as the CIO or owner of a small and medium sized business, you are probably thinking about how to best leverage the cloud, while making a seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure and local storage. As an observation from the market and from the Gladinet user base, there are several use cases that stand out as good ways to leverage cloud storage. 1. Backup & Restore There are many online storage services, such as Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Docs, Amazon S3 and so on. People are looking for ways to quickly backup local folders and files to online storage. Also for those that are already using cloud storage, a reverse backup from cloud to local is also important since local storage is bigger and cheaper at the current cloud computing evolution. This use case can be used to replace tape backup or used as a compliment to the existing on-premise backup solutions.