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5 Reasons CentreStack's File Server Mobilization Beats File Server Migration

File Server Migration vs File Server Mobilization File server migration is commonly viewed as an easy, cost-effective way to address the modern workforce’s increasing need for mobile productivity and security. But moving file server data to a cloud service that is not 100% file-server compatible often leaves much to be desired in the following areas:  Mapped Drives and File Server Compatibility Backup, Protection, and Recovery Application Compatibility Compliance, Control, and Privacy Reduced Migration Complexity and Costs   File server mobilization resolves these issues with 100% file server compatibility SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, and similar services are all based on file server migration. And that’s why so many of their customers have problems in these areas. To address them, file server migration must be replaced by file server mobilization – an approach that fully addresses mobile productivity and security BUT also maintains 100% compatibility with file server use cases.