Bring Your Own Storage to Triofox.AI

Amazon recently announced the deprecation of Workdocs and provided instructions to migrate content from Workdocs to a private Amazon S3 storage bucket. The recent deprecation of Amazon Workdocs highlights the need for a cloud collaboration service that provides a front end for your existing storage accounts. Triofox.AI provides a free drive that integrates with your existing cloud storage or file servers. In this article, we'll review some of its primary features and benefits.

Triofox.AI enhances team collaboration by integrating with AWS S3 storage, providing features that improve security, efficiency, and real-time collaboration. It transforms S3 storage into a collaborative workspace, allowing teams to work effectively from any location or device. Features include intelligent caching and advanced permission controls, making Triofox.AI suitable for modern teams that rely on cloud collaboration.

  • Intelligent Caching
    Triofox.AI's intelligent caching recognizes when files are updated or locked, caching files locally for improved performance, ensuring your team's workflow is uninterrupted and efficient.
  • Single Sign-on Integration
    Integrates with leading single sign-on solutions like Azure AD, Ping ID, Okta, and OneLogin, streamlining user authentication and enhancing security without complicating the login process.
  • File Locking
    Triofox.AI monitors file locking status to prevent corruption, crucial for collaborative environments where multiple users may access the same files, ensuring data integrity and team productivity.
  • Permission Controls
    Adds an extra layer of security by implementing permission controls for files stored in Amazon S3 buckets, facilitating secure team collaboration by ensuring only authorized access.
  • Drive Mapping
    Offers a drive mapping interface that integrates seamlessly into the user's daily workflow, making cloud storage accessible and manageable directly from Windows Explorer and macOS Finder.


  • How does Triofox enhance team collaboration with its Free S3 Drive?
    Triofox transforms Amazon S3 storage into a collaborative workspace, offering features like multi-device collaboration, secure file sharing with authentication and password protection, and advanced file management. It integrates as a drive in Windows Explorer and macOS Finder, alongside web and mobile applications, ensuring effective collaboration regardless of the device.
  • What makes Triofox different from other S3 drive tools like Cloudberry, TntDrive, and ExpandDrive?
    Triofox stands out by focusing on a comprehensive, team-oriented approach to cloud storage collaboration. It offers unique features such as cross-platform accessibility, enhanced security, specialized support for large file management, and optimized performance for design applications, setting a new benchmark in the field.
  • How does Triofox ensure the security of our data?
    Triofox leverages Active Directory and Single-Sign-On integration for superior security and authentication support. It ensures your team's data is protected while streamlining access to your collaborative workspace.
  • Can Triofox handle large files and optimize performance for design applications like AutoCAD?
    Yes, Triofox is specialized to handle large files through local intelligent caching and offers significant performance improvements for design applications like AutoCAD, supporting efficient zooming and object snapping directly within AutoCAD files hosted in Amazon S3.


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