Gladinet CloudAFS 3

cloudafs1Gladinet CloudAFS is reaching version 3, the same version level as the other two products (Cloud Desktop & Cloud Backup) in the same Gladinet Cloud Storage Access Suite.

CloudAFS is an acronym for cloud attached file server. The basic functionality is to attach cloud storage services to a file server as a mountable volume. Thus expanding the file server with cloud storage capability.

Its functionality includes Backup file server shares to cloud, Access cloud storage as a network share, Sync file servers over two different locations, Integrate existing applications such as Backup Exec with cloud storage and Connect a group of users over cloud storage. It services the same BASIC (Backup, Access, Sync, Integrate, Connect) use cases for cloud storage.

1. Enhanced User Interface

The CloudAFS user interface is updated to share the same look and feel with Gladinet Cloud Desktop and Cloud Backup. Once you are familiar with one of the product, you are pretty much familiar with all of the products.


2. Mount Cloud Storage Service

More and more cloud storage services are available to mount into the file server. For example, CloudAFS supports Amazon S3 (all regions), AT&T Synaptic Storage, EMC Atmos, Google Storage, Internap XIPCloud, KT ucloud, Mezeo, Nirvanix, OpenStack, Peer1, Rackspace Cloud Files, Windows Azure Storage. As more and more cloud storage services providers coming to the market, more and more are coming to Gladinet CloudAFS too.


3. Manage Local Directories

You can keep your local directories as your network shares and use cloud storage service to protect them.


4. Cloud Storage Advanced Mode

In the advanced mode, a cloud storage service can be mounted with cloud sync folder capability, thus allowing two CloudAFS servers to sync to each other.


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