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It was fairly easy to understand the concept of a Cloud Desktop, with cloud services such as Google Storage, Windows Azure/Live, Amazon S3, EMC Atmos Online, AT&T Synaptics Storage, Nirvanix, Box and Mezeo all mapped through a network drive to your desktop.

It should be pretty easy to understand the concept of a Cloud Attached File Server too, with the same Google, Microsoft, Amazon, EMC. AT&T services attached to your file server as a Tier 2 storage. 

Introducing CloudAFS™ …

When the Gladinet Cloud Desktop introduces cloud services to your client OS such as Windows XP/Vista/7 as a mapped drive, the Gladinet CloudAFS is a server product that enhances your file server with cloud storage services published as CIFS/NFS shares.

CloudAFS replaces the Gladinet Cloud Gateway (beta) that was launched 6 months ago (PR for Cloud Gateway). You may still consider CloudAFS as a cloud storage gateway. However, cloud gateway is only a subset of the functionalities of the CloudAFS.

In the simplest deployment scenario, you can install CloudAFS on a file server and publish the cloud storage services as CIFS/NFS net shares. You can also publish shares to Cloud Desktop instances (as in Cloud Gateway Beta). In this use case, you use CloudAFS as a gateway to the cloud.

What if you don’t want to publish cloud services directly as CIFS/NFS shares? Instead, you prefer CloudAFS to periodically backup your file server data to the cloud? This is the cloud backup use case.

In a different deployment scenario, you can use CloudAFS as a tape backup replacement. This is a variation of the cloud backup use case.

CloudAFS also has the capability of attaching multiple cloud services from Google/Microsoft/EMC/Amazon. So, in the future you will be able to configure policies and manage data across multiple service providers. This use case is for cloud data management and is one strategic focus of CloudAFS.

Cloud Desktop and the CloudAFS provide a powerful cloud solution suite for your desktops and file servers.

The news just hit the PRNewswire this morning at this link.

Read more about the CloudAFS at this page or the wiki.

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