Cloud Storage and The Trusted Service Providers

What is your #1 used application on a daily basis? It is probably email and the answer could be universal.

What is your #2 used application on a daily basis? It is likely to be Office related applications but the answer could be different based on your job functionality.

If you have moved your #1 app and #2 app to the cloud, what is next? Probably your file server and you are looking for cloud storage.

Sounds interesting? read on …

Everyone in the cloud storage field knows Amazon S3 holds a huge lead over its competitors. Now I understand that Google will be a strong competitor as well, with its Google App engine.

It started with a customer call. The customer has already moved email from local Exchange/Outlook to Google Apps (Gmail). The customer is experimenting with Google Docs and likes it. Now he wants to move the file server to the cloud and found Gladinet as a way to connect to his Google Apps storage.

At this stage, Google Apps storage is not 100% available. There is 1 GB cap on it and you can’t buy more. During the call, we explained Amazon S3 as an alternative since Gladinet cloud storage access solutions support Amazon S3 as well and S3 can go well beyond 1 GB. It may not always be an easy sell for S3 when Google has already captured the spot with 1 GB.

The same can be applied to Microsoft too. If Google or Microsoft is your trusted service provider, they will have an easy sell for their cloud related services, including cloud storage.

The same can also be extended to the managed service providers, if Rackspace or Peer1 is your trusted service provider, they will have an easy sell for their other new services, including cloud services.

In an earlier article, we mentioned that there are 3 big categories for cloud services:

a. storage – e.g. Amazon S3

b. application – e.g. Gmail,

c. CPU – e.g. Web server hosting, Amazon EC2

Companies that lead in application (such as Google Apps) can branch into storage service. Companies that lead in CPU (such as Rackspace) can branch into storage service too. 

Whoever is your trusted service provider can earn your business when you migrate to the cloud.

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