Convenient SQL Server Backup to Amazon S3

Every SQL Server admin knows how to backup SQL Server. It is a very mature technology since SQL Server 2005 because it has built-in support for Volume Shadow Copy Service. It knows how to take a consistent snapshot of the database and produce the snapshot as files for backup applications to consume and store.

With Gladinet Cloud Backup, SQL Server Backup to Amazon S3 or any other supported Cloud Storage Services such as Windows Azure or Open Stack is as easy as set-it-and-forget-it, while restore is as simple as point and click. (check Gladinet’s homepage for supported cloud storage services)

Get Cloud Backup

You can have cloud backup in two different ways. The first one is a standalone installer package. The second one is an optional add-on for Gladinet Cloud Desktop. This tutorial will use Gladinet Cloud Desktop add-on for illustration purpose.

Mount S3 Virtual Directory

The next step will involve mounting Amazon S3 as a virtual folder.


Snapshot Backup

SQL Server Backup is available in the Snapshot Backup add-on for Gladinet Cloud Desktop. It is also available in the stand-alone Cloud Backup too.


SQL Server Backup is in the Backup by Application section. Application means those applications that support volume shadow copy service.


The SQL Server will show up and you can pick the database that you want to backup. (If SQL Server doesn’t show up, read this MSDN article about SQL Writer, most likely the SQL VSS Writer Service is not started)


Next step you will pick Amazon S3 as the destination.


This is it, the task will run in the background and backup the SQL Server to Amazon S3.

Before we go into the restore, first drop some data on the database to simulate some data lost or corruption case.

Now Restore

First Step is to pick the backup destination since it is now the restore source.


Now select the snapshot you need.


This is it, the database will be restored, you don’t need to restart SQL Server and it continues to run.

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