Gladinet Cloud Supports OpenStack KeyStone 2.0

OpenStackLogoGladinet has been supporting OpenStack since there was OpenStack. You can connect to an OpenStack swift (Object Storage) instance from Gladinet Cloud Desktop, Gladinet Cloud Server and also Gladinet Cloud Team Edition.
OpenStack KeyStone is an identity service (or user login service). The benefit is that it can tie different OpenStack services together by providing a service catalog after user signs into OpenStack KeyStone. Within the service catalog, there will be end points and connection information for OpenStack Swift Object Storage.
With the latest Gladinet release, you can find support for OpenStack KeyStone 2.0.
For example, the above bitmap shows the OpenStack (KeyStone 2.0) support in the Team Edition.
After that, you can specify the OpenStack connection information.
When it is all setup, you will see your OpenStack account files and folders showing up.
You can now use the Web Browser File Explorer interface to upload and download files from OpenStack. You can also download the desktop client and file server agent.
If you need a mobile iPhone/iPad client connect to your OpenStack account, you can download it from Apple AppStore, looking for Gladinet Cloud.
Basically, if you have OpenStack instance, you can have a dropbox-like or solution including web browser interface, desktop client, file server agent and mobile app. Your files and folders can flow from desktop to web browser, to file server and to mobile devices.

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