Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage

google-drive-icon_large_extra_large128Google offers several storage services. There is Google Drive, which is replacing the Google Docs. There is also Google Cloud Storage, which provide raw REST based cloud storage service.
Some customer use cases may be best served by Google Drive and there are others that may be more suitable for Google Cloud Storage. For example, if you are a Google Apps customer looking for a file sharing or collaboration solution, Google Drive may be the obvious choice – especially if you’re already using Google Docs. On the other hand, if you want to migrate or backup file server data to the cloud, Google Cloud Storage is probably the better fit. Some will even compare Google Drive to Dropbox and Google Cloud Storage with Amazon S3. But the catch is that many customers do not fall squarely into one category or the other. Instead, they have overlapping needs and face the challenge of piecing together a solution that meets all these needs.
Here comes a need to have a single piece of middleware that can service the different needs. Here is the Gladinet Cloud.

Gladinet Cloud Unifies Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage

Gladinet Cloud solves this problem by providing a single platform with uniform access to both Google offerings. For example, both may be accessed with a mapped drive, integrated with file servers or otherwise leverage any of the Gladinet features. The solution is well suited for SMBs with data that needs to be seamlessly migrated to the cloud, those that have ongoing legacy access needs for file servers and 3rd party applications, or those that need a hybrid solution which combines cloud and local storage or GCS with Google Drive. Furthermore, both can be used to share file and folders or collaborate. The two cloud storage sources end up looking like two folders in the Gladinet Drive with the same operations available for both of them.
The following picture shows that you can mount a Google drive account as a network drive. (From Gladinet Cloud Professional Edition)
The following picture shows that you can mount a Google Cloud Storage bucket as a network drive too.
Similarly, you will find the same side-by-side support in Gladinet Cloud Team Edition too.

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