Recent Gladinet Cloud Feature Updates

new_gladinetGladinet Cloud was designed from scratch for team account, with many team users. As such, more and more team-oriented features are moving into the Gladinet Cloud as teams grow bigger and bigger within Gladinet Cloud.

Delegate Administrator

In the past, there are two types of users, the administrator and the normal team user. Now there is a delegate administrator that can help administrator to setup team folder, manage users in the team and all these administrative works.

Search Based User Management

In the past, Gladinet Cloud lists all the users in the account in the user manager. As teams grow bigger, this is becoming cumbersome. So now the user manager is search based, you search for the user and then provide management functionality around the search result-set.

Group Policy – More Settings

More security settings, such as whether the user need to login to access file/folder shared to him. If checked, the user must login before he can access files shared to him. Otherwise, a share email will be sent to the user. The user can have read-only access when not logged in.

Group Manager

You can now create groups and manage groups. This is another feature for teams that has high user count.

More Storage Plugins

In Gladinet Cloud, you can use default Gladinet Storage, you can also use your own cloud storage (bring your own cloud storage account). The new supported plugins are HP Cloud Storage, IBM SmartCloud Object Storage, SoftLayer Object Storage (through OpenStack Swift plugin)

More How-To Articles Integrated into Web Portal

When you click on the side help button, you can see a list of how-to articles that help users getting started quickly.


If you have a cloud storage account, you will find Gladinet Cloud provides a more richer set of user experiences for you. If you don’t have a cloud storage account, Gladinet Cloud provides an all-in-one experience for you, including the storage and all the comprehensive set of access clients.
Try it for yourself!

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