A BASIC Layer on Top of OpenStack Swift

OpenStackLogoThe BASIC layer, on one hand, refers to the basic end user needs when it comes to cloud storage.
The BASIC layer, on the other hand, refers to the sum of Backup, Access, Sync/Share, Identity and Controlled Collaboration.
End user won’t use OpenStack Swift storage directly because the interface is too primitive (such as read/write/delete objects). With a BASIC layer stacked on top of the OpenStack Swift, the basic needs are met and now it is ready for end user to use. It means the BASIC layer helps to sell OpenStack Swift Object Storage.

So What is in a BASIC Layer?

In the BASIC layer, there will be some components that run on user’s devices such as PC, Mac, Mobile Phone/Tablet. There will also be some components that run side-by-side next to the OpenStack Swift instances. For example, the web browser interface, synchronization event handling, file and folder sharing, team collaboration notifications shall be run side-by-side next to the OpenStack Swift components.
OpenStack Swift Access Clients
The most important component in the BASIC layer are the OpenStack Swift Access Clients, including
(1) Web Based File Explorer
Web client is very nice in that it is zero installation and almost every devices today has a web browser.
(2) Desktop Client, with Drive Mapping – Windows
Desktop client is very important because it is where people get most of the work done. A lot of the other functionalities such as backup and share can be integrated at the desktop too.
(3) Desktop Client, with Drive Mapping – MacScreen Shot 2012-05-29 at 12.40.04 PM
(4) Mobile Client in App Store
iPhone Screenshot 1
(5) File Server Virtual Volume

Most of the cloud storage community refers to the file server virtual volume as the “Cloud Storage Gateway”, since it allows cloud storage to be used as file server network share.
Gladinet Cloud Cluster
Besides the OpenStack Swift Access Clients that end user will touch and use, this component is used by service providers who want to provide backup, access, sync, share, team collaboration to the end users.
Gladinet Cloud Overview (1)

Re-brand BASIC Layer

The whole BASIC Layer can be programmed and configured to have your own brand. If you have an existing OpenStack Swift stack, we would like to hear from you about the joint opportunity to service end users with BASIC cloud storage use cases.
Visit Gladinet’s partner page for more information. Contact partner(at)gladinet.com to setup intro calls.

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