Gladinet and HP Cloud - 1TB HP Cloud Object Storage

Gladinet and HP Cloud started a round of joint promotion with 1TB free HP Cloud Object Storage for your Gladinet Team Edition account. The regular Gladinet Team account comes with 100MB storage. The storage will be based on HP Cloud Object Storage. This will bring the total storage to 1.1 TB when you sign up with a new Gladinet Team Account.
You will see the promotion in multiple places. You will see it from both Gladinet’s home page and also HPCloud home page.  It is on Gladinet partner page. It will show up on Gladinet blog and later on, other places as well.

HPCloud Object Storage is based on OpenStack Swift, with KeyStone integration. The KeyStone part is known as HP Identity Service. Gladinet Cloud has an open plugin architecture so it is fairly straightforward to plug in HPCloud Object Storage as one of the default storage.
HPCloud Object Storage provides a place for customers to store data. Gladinet Cloud provides a way to access, backup, sync & share, with team collaboration, allowing end users to access HP Cloud Object Storage from various end point devices such as PC, Mac, Windows File Server, iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.
HPCloud can look into its customer base and channel to see who likes to use a sync & share solution based on HPCloud Object Storage. Gladinet can look into its customer base too to find joint customer.
For more information about HPCloud and Gladinet joint promotion, visit
For more information about brand-able OpenStack based sync & share solution, click the button below.


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