Managed File Sync & Share Solution

You are familiar with managed and hosted service since your company in one way or the other may be using a managed service such as MS Exchange, MS Lync, MS CRM, file storage and disk space.
If you are a service provider yourself, you are even more familiar with these since you are managing hosted solutions for your customers. You may have MS Exchange server, MS Lync, CRM server and MS Windows 2008 server in your data center where you manage and service your customers.
Now, have you heard of managed file sync & share service? Where you can install a server or a group of servers in your data center; you then manage this service either yourself or for your customers?
If you are looking for a solution like this, you found one in Gladinet Cloud Enterprise. To make sure it is the right solution for you, just use the following quick cheat sheet, which contains a list of features you need. If you find a feature that meet your requirement, you check it off. If you find you are checking most of the features in your list, talk to Gladinet and they are ready to help!

A Quick List of features

Here is a quick list of features. Compare each one with your requirements and check the ones that match. If you find yourself checking most of the features in the list, you find the right solution!
  • Storage space can be your own file server,  your own private cloud storage , or your other storage accounts.
  • Storage space can be accessed from web browser.
  • Storage space can be accessed from mobile devices.
  • Storage space can be accessed from user's local computer and local software (like MS Office).
  • Access can be provided through Active Directory integration or simply add user by email.
  • User can choose to backup some files/folders
  • User can choose to 2-way sync some folders
  • Solution can be branded with corporate logo and image
  • Solution can be managed in your own data center; dedicated server or in your own office.

How to Deploy

As shown below, you can install it in your data center and manage it yourself.

Quick Start Guide

Here is a list of white paper and quick start guide with 40+ screen shots to get you started.



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