Connect Your File Server to AT&T Synaptic Storage

There is a recent customer case. The initial lead comes in over the web form and read “I am looking for a solution to backup files using the GeoDrive to Synaptic Storage. Please contact me”.

For those of you who are not familiar with the terms, Synaptic Storage is AT&T Synaptic Storage, based on EMC Atmos cloud storage service. GeoDrive is an EMC product that present EMC Atmos storage with a drive letter.

After all, the customer is converted to a Gladinet Cloud user, satisfying his requirements, better than a GeoDrive can do. This document will discuss this use case.

The customer has several file servers that are Windows 2008 R2. These are file servers serving network shares to the 30-40 employees in the office. Customer wants to backup files and folders from these file servers to the AT&T Synaptic Storage.

The customer has an existing backup solution that is backing up to a co-location data center. The monthly bill for the backup was between $200-$300. By switching to AT&T Synaptic Storage and Gladinet Cloud, the cost is lowered to between $100-$150. It saves money for the customer and also gain the ability to access backup data from web browser, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As compared to GeoDrive, GeoDrive can only map a drive letter for you and leave many other functionalities to the user to complete themselves.

To get this setup:

First, Get AT&T Synaptic Storage Account Ready

Most likely an AT&T sales rep already talked to you about AT&T Synaptic Storage. It is either as a bundle service with the AT&T network, or from the cloud service division directly. They will help you acquire an AT&T Synaptic Storage. After that, you can use GeoDrive as a way to get familiar with the cloud storage service.

Second, Get a Gladinet Cloud Team Account

After that, you can get a Gladinet Cloud Team account. During the sign up process, plug in your AT&T Synaptic Storage account. Now not only you have the storage account, you also have the Gladinet value-add for the feature-rich access method, covering sync, backup and access from different devices.

Third, Install Gladinet Cloud Server Agent

Now you can install the Gladinet Cloud server agent on the Windows 2008 file server.

Forth, Attach Local Folder to Gladinet Cloud

You can now attach local folder, or backup local folder to Gladinet Cloud. Since your account has the AT&T Synaptic Storage plugin, the storage will go directly to your Synaptic Storage account. In this configuration, Gladinet is not only the access method and also the feature-rich middle layer for Synaptic Storage.

Next Step

Go to and acquire a Gladinet Cloud account to try it for yourself.


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