Use Your Own Storage with Dropbox-like Style

There are different kind of storage (services) you own. The most common one is the file server sitting in your office, in your office building or just at the C: drive in front of you. As you may be using a hosted service provider, you may also own a file server that is sitting in a data center or some SAN storage allocated to you from the data center.  Since we are in the cloud storage era, you may also own cloud storage accounts such as those coming from Amazon S3 or Windows Azure storage. Anyway, if you need storage, you get storage and most likely, you already own some type of storage.

The Questions

Now the question is: How do you enable the Dropbox-like access methodology around your own storage, providing web browser access, desktop and mobile device access to your own storage.

That brings up another question, Dropbox is a great service and why do you want to do so around your own storage, instead of just using Dropbox?

The Challenges

That leads to the stories we heard from our MSP partners.   One story we heard is a Marketing director leaves company for a competitor company. When they inspect the laptop the marketing director left behind, they find many company confidential documents in the director’s Dropbox account. So company confidential documents leaked.

Another story we heard is that Sales guy left company. When they left, they left with customer information in their Dropbox accounts. So company assets (like customer information, deal stage) lost with lost opportunities.

So the stories we heard is that customers have a desire to control data leakage and to own data storage. That is why they desire to leverage their own storage but put a Dropbox-like access solution around it.

This is when Gladinet Cloud Enterprise (GCE) solution comes in to help.

Gladinet Cloud Enterprise comes in with two packages. One is a single tenant package, which is good for an enterprise to install on its-own either on-premise or inside a data center. The other is a multi-tenant service provider package, which is good for a service provider to install and service many customers.

What Can GCE do?

1. It can connect to your own storage and storage services.

2. It can connect to your own Active Directory service.

3. It provides web browser, desktop client, file server agent, mobile device application around the storage.

4. It has built-in rebranding capability

What is the End Result?

The end result is a solution MSPs and Enterprises can use to control data leakage and to own data storage, while provide dropbox-like productivity enhancement to mobile workers.

Check out or for more information.

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