Gladinet & Logo

During the startup phase, different job roles. We are merging the Cloud Computing with Desktop Operating System. The original idea of the logo is more like a cloud with colors in it, meaning it is so colorful in the cloud. It is just that developers don't know how to draw clouds, we know how to draw ellipse ...

Gladinet is glad + internet, thus glad-i-net. means when the internet is the computer, it is good.

The Gladinet Cloud Desktop was called Gladinet client internally during Tech Preview. It was because back then the stand-alone version and the standard version are mixed together, so it was indeed a client application. Now with the separation, the stand-alone is no longer a client to anyone. It is a bridge to the cloud services directly. Standard version will remain a client to the Gladinet servers.

Cloud Desktop could be confusing initially, cloud is way high, the desktop is way low. Then I met Dan and explained all the Cloud meets the Desktop stuff. Now a better spin becomes, when the clouds meet the ground, a new horizon of cloud computing appears. What a 3-D thinking!


citoyenlambda said…
Don't worry for the name it is a good one, and anyway it is too late to change it, it is already worldly famous.

I type it without the need for bookmark nearly as soon as I heard of your name.

now the logo you may change it even, after, think of microsoft and windows and apple how many times they changed logo.

The logo is not that important what matters is the service yours is so promising you don't need a killer logo you are close to have the killer service (when skydrive is ok).
CentreStack said…
Thanks. Will make the service better. a step at a time.

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