Where the Clouds meet the groud

Where the clouds meet the ground, a new horizon of cloud computing appears. This tag line today appears on the Gladinet Cloud Desktop download page.

I guess different sites link directly to the download page and that becomes the top landing page of Gladinet.

The download requests are still keep coming in. Last time I checked, the download is around 6,600 now.

People like the clouds meet the desktop idea. It is practical and solves a lot of problems, mostly around online storages at this time. How to move between local documents and online documents. How to move between online documents between different providers. How to move between online documents between 2 accounts of the same provider.

Good to see it is useful.


Calciphus said…
Call me crazy, but I bet if you're having trouble meeting the demand for downloads, you could put it up on your SkyDrive!

MS hasn't announced any kind of download limit on "public" files yet. Just toss it into the public folder and put the direct link up in your d/l section.

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