SkyDrive 25G Support

Cloud Desktop build 47 was released today. The source control number is 2086. Build 44 (Beta 1)'s source control number is 2046. So it takes us 40 check-ins to get SkyDrive support back to work again.

It is still not completed yet. For example, public folder or folder with shared property is empty. That will take another week to fix. Also if you open the SkyDrive folder quicker than the background login process finishes, you will see access denied and empty page. These are all fixable next week. Anyway it is workable now and will get better over time.

During the SkyDrive fix, we also fixed one issue related to ampersand '&' in Google Docs. When you have folder name or filename that has '&' in, you weren't able to mount Google Docs virtual folder before and now you can. We will shift the focus to Google Docs this week and fix major issues in beta 1.

There is also an Amazon S3 support regression that will be fixed shortly in build 48. If you are not using Amazon S3, build 47 and build 48 are the same.

Improving, One step at a time.


jerryhuang said…
1203 typically means the webclient service is not running. check out support forum or write to to schedule a support call. Should be simple configuration stuff
jerryhuang said…
we can check the webclient service first on your end. Saw your feedback in support email but don't have your email to reply so write to again, we can get it to work together.
Richard said…
I think I ran into the "&" problem with google Picasa this weekend, I couldn't copy over any directories that had an & in them
MD said…
I downloaded the MSI from File size is 10.5MB and the version number as shown in About is Is this the latest version? I assume it should be 0.44.2086?

And after installing I am still having problems with SkyDrive 25GB. Attempting to add a Skydrive results in "The configuration for this virtual directory can not be verified!". Trying to open the virtual directory in Windows Explorer sometimes shows an empty directory while at other times shows 1 file "Access is denined.g??". And it is unusuable.

Any fix for this?
Gang said…
The download URL is correct. But the file should be GladinetSetup_0.8.48.msi. 0.8.44 is the old release. Please refresh your browser and download again. The size is 11,028,992 Bytes.
MD said…
It is fine now. For some reasons (ISP caching?) my browser was downloading the old version. :)


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