Cloud Agent for Windows

It is Christmas day and Merry Christmas!

I was reading on the web and saw an article from ReadWriteWeb titled "the rise of cloud agents". I was looking for a category for the Gladinet Cloud Desktop. Immediately, I knew the Cloud Desktop is a kind of Cloud Agent. Now I have a category.

What Gladinet does is a new kind of mashup. When people talked about mashup in 2008, the scope was still a web-2-web mashup, trying to create a hybrid of multiple web contents into one. In 2009, with the release of Gladinet Cloud Desktop and similar kind of applications, people will start talking about mashup of Web + Operating System semantics. Gladinet was an early one, it won't be the only one.

As a Cloud Agent sitting in the Windows, Gladinet delivers online storages to Windows. it *mashdown* the web applications into Windows Explorer. It is time to talk about a cloud agent without the sandbox of a browser. Web without a Browser? Isn't this web 3.0 stuff? Eventually Gladinet will expand to Mac OS, Linux and etc. It will become a cloud agent for OS.

As I was writing this, my partner sent me a long list of bugs fixed. We plan to release the next build of Gladinet Cloud Desktop next week, before 2009 starts. Happy New Year, from a new kind of Cloud Agent!


Unknown said…
Merry Christmas to you too, Jerry. It's been a pleasure corresponding with you on Gladinet. It's a promising application - I'm looking forward to watching it's continuing development this coming year.
CentreStack said…
We are still testing the current build, release date will be around this weekend (1/3-1/5/09).
It ought not have dot net dependancies

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