Nirvanix and Verizon Cloud Storage Access Platform


In April 2010, Nirvanix noted fourfold growth in its managed storage capacity over the past year and the expansion seems to be accelerating. The company has now made another giant step forward with Verizon’s announcement of a partnership with the storage specialist.

Verizon’s strategical move is surely a result of strong demand for its current cloud offerings and the decision to partner with Nirvanix underlines the need to move quickly in this space. Lately, many large companies have placed their bets on the demand for low-cost tiered storage for infrequently accessed unstructured data, like a mounted drive in the cloud. Other common use cases include file sharing and collaboration, off-site data archiving, retention and backup.

Regardless of whose bet yields the highest return, it seems clear that access is a common denominator for all the common use cases. Most cloud storage services provide an interface for organizations that want programmatic access to storage, but rely on third-party tools to provide native access.

In this regard, Verizon is no different and we at Gladinet are happy about that since we provide the perfect access platform for storage services like Nirvanix SDN and Verizon Cloud Storage. Our platform allows for the seamless integration of these services with desktops and file servers, enabling access for existing tools and applications with existing protocols.
For example, with Gladinet CloudAFS, you can easily attach Nirvanix storage to a file server and then publish the attached storage as a CIFS or NFS share. This creates convenient gateway to the cloud that can leverage Nirvanix storage as low-cost tiered storage for backups or facilitate collaboration through a shared storage account.

Cloud Desktop allows you to map Nirvanix storage as a network drive and use Windows Explorer as a cloud storage portal, enabling off-premise access to cloud storage.

With the fast approaching release of Verizon Cloud Storage these same capabilities will soon be available through that provider and integration with Gladinet continues to facilitate optimization of the technology value chain.

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