Map Nirvanix Storage as a Network Drive


With the recent launch of Verizon Cloud Storage based on the Nirvanix SDN, it’s a good time to review how easy it is to access the Nirvanix SDN using Gladinet Cloud Desktop.

Launch Gladinet Cloud Desktop


Click to Mount

Use the click-to-mount icon in your Gladinet Drive to mount Nirvanix storage.

When the “Mounting Virtual Directory” dialog appears, select “Nirvanix Storage”.

 Nirvanix Mount

You need to get the application name, application key, username and password from the Nirvanix portal (


Use Nirvanix Storage From Windows Explorer Directly

Now you can use Nirvanix Storage as if it were a Virtual Drive or Folder. Simply drag and drop to backup local documents to the cloud storage.

Nirvanix Mount
As you may well imagine, we look forward to the addition of Verizon Cloud Storage to our long list of supported providers. And since the Verizon offering is based on the Nirvanix SDN, integration will be a cinch!

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