How to connect to Rackspace Cloud Files UK

About 10 days ago, Rackspace launched UK Cloud. Even though it is under the same Rackspace Cloud brand, it is like a different cloud company in the eyes of software vendors. For example, the existing tools that connect to Rackspace Cloud Files US will need to be enhanced to support the Rackspace UK Cloud.

It feels like a different company to consumers too. For example, you will need to go to the Rackspace UK Cloud site and apply a new account. Your existing Rackspace US account won’t work for the UK Cloud.  (


Gladinet has updated its cloud storage access solutions to work with Rackspace UK Cloud.

During the mounting process, you will see an entry -  Rackspace Cloud Files (UK). If you didn’t see this entry, exit your Gladinet instances and re-start the Gladinet instances. it will refresh the drop down list to have the Rackspace Cloud Files (UK)


This entry will support the Rackspace Cloud Files UK directly. For example, under the hood, it will connect to the UK access point such as :


Here you will need to enter the user name that you registered with the UK Cloud site (not the US cloud site). You can get the API key from the Rackspace UK Cloud site as well.

This is pretty much it. Fairly simple.

The Gladinet Cloud Storage Access Suite user experience will be the same after the mounting process. If you are familiar with Rackspace Cloud Files in the US, you will be very familiar with the new Rackspace Cloud Files in the UK with Gladinet too.

As a quick review for first time Gladinet users with Rackspace Cloud Files UK, here is a list of functionalities you will get:

  1. mount Rackspace Cloud Files UK as a network drive for desktop/laptop.
  2. mount Rackspace Cloud Files UK as a virtual drive for file server and network share
  3. file and folder backup, SQL Server backup to Rackspace Cloud Files UK.

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