Integrate OpenStack Storage to File Server

openstackOpenStack Object Storage is an open source software for creating scalable cloud storage solutions. Its’ open source nature makes it very attractive to service providers. For example, in the recent news (Computer World), Internap is offering a new public cloud storage service that it built using software from OpenStack.

If you are OpenStack based service provider, here at Gladinet, we have solutions for you to deliver end-to-end cloud storage solutions to your customers. This article discuss solutions that attach OpenStack storage to a file server.

First you will need to identify which on-premise PC will be used for this task. It can be an existing file server or it can be an existing workstation. As long as it is Windows based, you can install the Gladinet CloudAFS on it. Since it is a light weighted cloud storage gateway, you can have it installed on either workstation level PC or a file server level PC.

After the installation of CloudAFS server, you will see the familiar mounting dialog, allowing you to mount cloud storage to your CloudAFS server.



In this dialog, you select OpenStack Storage.

In the next dialog screen, you will need to provide the detail information about your cloud storage account. If you are using OpenStack from Internap, you will get the account details from Internap.


This is pretty much it. You will then publish the folders to a network share and assign users to the network share.

After you have published an OpenStack folder to a group of users, these users can do a mapped network drive from their PCs to the CloudAFS server, using OpenStack cloud storage without actually knowing it.

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