Happy New Year from Gladinet

illuminations_iconFireworksIt is Jan 1st, 2011! Happy new year to everyone that is interested in Cloud Storage and Gladinet!

Looking back to year 2010, Gladinet went from a single product (Cloud Desktop) to a suite of products, including CloudAFS (server product), Cloud Backup (backup product) and Cloud Space (management framework), in addition to Cloud Desktop 2.0 release.

As we learn from our customers and partners, an access solution is what people is looking for when it comes to cloud storage. People need on-premise access; people need off-premise access; people need backup solutions (a specialized access) and people need a central management portal. In year 2010, Gladinet has transformed products into a suite of Cloud Storage Access Solutions.

Looking forward to year 2011, version 3.0 is coming with 2-way synchronization and version control. The access suite will be more advanced with more interoperability between different products. The management framework will be more sophisticated to support different products.

We expect to make bigger contribution to the cloud storage fields in year 2011, with the Gladinet Cloud Storage Access Suite 3.0.


Unknown said…
I am really in need of a central management portal. When is this anticipated to be released?
CentreStack said…
We are working on it. No ETA yet.

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