Gladinet Cloud Solutions for Amazon S3

logo_awsLast week, Amazon Web Services Blog reported that there were 566 Billion Objects in Amazon S3. We have been following Amazon S3’s growth closely and here is a picture we plotted with Excel. You can see the growth fits well with the red exponential curve.

Gladinet Cloud for Teams

When Gladinet introduces a new product/service, it usually starts with support for Amazon S3. Bu default, Gladinet Cloud is built on top of Amazon S3. It is a solution that help team users to easily share the same account and collaboration from both web client and desktop clients. This blog talks more in details about Gladinet Cloud. Pretty soon, it will have features that allow you to bring your own cloud storage service account to Gladinet Cloud.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Gladinet Cloud Desktop makes cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 appear as a network drive on people’s desktop. The functionalities provided by the Cloud Desktop can be summarized as BASIC (Backup, Access, Sync, Integration and Connect) cloud storage use cases. If you are looking for an Amazon S3 solution from the convenience of your desktop, pick Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Gladinet Cloud Server

If you are looking for a solution that satisfy the same BASIC needs, such as backup from a file server, access as a network share from a file server, sync multiple file servers through cloud storage, Gladinet Cloud Server will be the one to take a look.

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