Some Unique Features of Gladinet Cloud

gcloud1Last week, the Gladinet Cloud for Teams and Businesses were released. It is a cloud storage service in general. This article discusses several unique features of the Gladinet Cloud and answer the Why Gladinet Cloud questions.

1. Merge the Cloud Storage and On-Premise Local Storage

Talking to Gladinet’s customers, quite many are facing the pain of cloud migration, especially the time it takes to sync data up to the cloud. Businesses can’t afford to have a 2-week gap just to sync local data to cloud before they can use it. They prefer the sync happens in the background, while the data continues to be available to other sites, like virtually in the cloud. This is a unique feature of Gladinet Cloud – Attach Local Folder to Cloud. Once the folder is attached, it is virtually available, while cloud migration happens in the background.


2. Virtual File System Access To the Cloud

Gladinet started in 2007 doing drive mapping for SkyDrive, Google Docs , Amazon S3 and a bunch of other cloud services. The drive mapping technology started with Windows XP/Vista/7, and later extended to Windows 2003/2008. The technology has been tested in the market by more than 1 million downloads.

Now the virtual file system is available to the Gladinet Cloud. This means native Windows Explorer integration for Gladinet Cloud, from desktop to file server.


3. Support Any Cloud Storage Services

Natively, the Gladinet Cloud is built on Amazon S3. However, just like all other Gladinet products, the architecture was ready for all other cloud storage services to plug right in, such as EMC Atmos, Windows Azure, Amazon Compatible Services and etc. This feature makes it attractive to service providers that need a white-label solution.

As quoted in a recent IDC report, IDC believes Gladinet is one of the only, if not the only, cloud storage gateway companies with OEM deals in place.

Here is a quick 4 min YouTube demo video of the Gladinet Cloud Team Edition Desktop Client.

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