Introducing Gladinet Cloud Server

cloudafs_whiteGladinet Cloud Server is Gladinet CloudAFS combined with Gladinet Cloud for Teams. On one hand, it is a file server that allows you to mount different cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Google Storage, EMC Atmos into a Windows File Server. On the other hand, it allows you to have default Gladinet Cloud so it works out of the box (instead of waiting for you to mount any cloud storage services before it is fully functional). This is a step forward to have a complete cloud access solution for customers. Gladinet Cloud is based on Amazon S3. By delivering it as default storage to customers, Gladinet makes it simpler for users to use the cloud.


Gladinet Cloud Server installs through a standard Windows MSI package.
Next Step you will connect to Gladinet Cloud.

Management Console

After you connect to your Gladinet Cloud account, you will see the contents from your Gladinet Cloud in the Storage Access Manager.

Attach Cloud Storage to File Server

Like before, you can attach cloud storage service, such as Amazon S3 to the Cloud Server.

Publish Shares

After the cloud storage service is mounted, you can publish network shares out of it.

Map Drive to the Attached Cloud Storage Folder

From a client machine, you can map a network drive to the Cloud Server.

Video Demo

Here is a 9 min YouTube Video for the new Gladinet Cloud Server

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