Gladinet Cloud for Teams–What’s New?

iStock_000017741949XSmallHappy New Year 2012!

Over the weekend, a new version of Gladinet Cloud for Teams was released to the web, including the web service itself and the desktop client. There will be a series of articles following up to document each and every major new feature. This article will summarize what is new in the Gladinet Cloud for Teams.

File and Folder Sharing

In the old version, there is already some folder sharing concept such as the Team Folder. With the team folder, the team administrator can publish a folder to the team to share. The use case here is more for a team inside the same company to collaborate.

In the new version, now you can share files and folders to anyone has an e-mail address.  The use case here is more for you to share something with someone outside the company.

You can start sharing by click on the Sharing button inside the web based file explorer. If you have the desktop client installed, you can do it from your Windows Explorer too.


HTML 5 Multiple File Upload

For new web browsers such as FireFox and Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 (currently only available in Windows 8 Preview), they support HTML 5 File Upload so you can multi-select files from Windows Explorer and drop them into the browser window directly to upload.


Flash-based Multiple File Upload

For Internet Explorer 9 and others that doesn’t support HTML5 file upload, there is a flash based multiple file upload too. You can find it in the Upload->Advanced Upload.


More Polished UI

There are many small UI polishes here and there to make the web-based file explorer more like your regular Windows Explorer experience. To give you a few examples, the path control now on its own row to show you where you are in the directory tree. When you hover over a file or folder, the action menu icons are shown on the same row to facilitate quicker actions. 

Check it out here and sign up for the 30-day free trial.

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