Accelerating Digital Transformation with Modernized Access

Modernizing  Access t o File Servers OR   Cloud Storage   Why the double emphasis on “ OR ” instead of "AND"? That minor change relates to an important distinction that has become increasingly meaningful as more companies realize that a complete migration to the cloud may not be possible or practical. For example, more of our managed service provider (MSP) partners are getting requests from mid-market and larger enterprises for solutions that will enhance access to data that needs to remain on-premises. These enterprises are facing the challenge that  m odernizing access to a file server is usually presumed to mean that the file server ’s data must be migrated to the cloud.  As a result, the solutions they find will commonly offer an orchestration layer has to be cloud-based which may not satisfy their need for a self-hosted solution that is entirely on-premises.  On the other hand, if they can migrate file server data to the cloud as part of a total migration, they may f