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Sync to Google Docs from Windows Explorer with Gladinet Cloud Desktop

Google Docs offers a hosted storage service for storing files in the cloud. Gladinet , a software vendor, has a solution called Gladinet Cloud Desktop that makes it easy to sync to Google Docs from Windows Explorer. In fact, Gladinet Cloud Desktop turns Windows Explorer into a cloud storage portal that can easily sync to Google Docs from other storage services or upload files from your desktop to any storage service you choose. Gladinet achieves this through a complete Google Doc integration with your file system.

Nirvanix and Verizon Cloud Storage Access Platform

  In April 2010, Nirvanix noted fourfold growth in its managed storage capacity over the past year and the expansion seems to be accelerating. The company has now made another giant step forward with Verizon’s announcement of a partnership with the storage specialist. Verizon’s strategical move is surely a result of strong demand for its current cloud offerings and the decision to partner with Nirvanix underlines the need to move quickly in this space. Lately, many large companies have placed their bets on the demand for low-cost tiered storage for infrequently accessed unstructured data, like a mounted drive in the cloud. Other common use cases include file sharing and collaboration, off-site data archiving, retention and backup. Regardless of whose bet yields the highest return, it seems clear that access is a common denominator for all the common use cases. Most cloud storage services provide an interface for organizations that want programmatic access to storage, but rely o

Map Nirvanix Storage as a Network Drive

  With the recent launch of Verizon Cloud Storage based on the Nirvanix SDN, it’s a good time to review how easy it is to access the Nirvanix SDN using Gladinet Cloud Desktop. Launch Gladinet Cloud Desktop   Click to Mount Use the click-to-mount icon in your Gladinet Drive to mount Nirvanix storage.

Secure Backup to Google Storage

Google has different storage options before the announcement of the Google Storage for Developers . You can store file attachments in GMail, pictures in Picasa and documents in Google Docs. With the announcement of the Google Storage for Developers as a generic Google storage, now it is possible to build applications around the Google Storage and have secure backup functionality on top of the cloud storage. Gladinet software has the AES-256 support since version 2.0. With the recent support of the Google Storage for Developers Tech Preview, Gladinet has an answer for you to backup files securely with the Google Storage. The system encrypts your files before saving them on the Google servers in their encrypted form.

Map a Network Drive to Google Storage

Google Storage for Developers is Google’s  cloud storage offering with a RESTful API over HTTP/HTTPS. It allows developers to build applications around the Google’s cloud storage offering.  Gladinet is building applications around the cloud storage, allowing you to access and backup to the cloud storage through a mapped network drive. With the version 2.2.378 , you can preview the features with the Google Storage on a network drive.