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Google Docs 2-Way Sync Video

Here is a YouTube HD video demonstrating Google Docs 2-Way Sync with a local folder. Related Posts Google Docs 2-Way Sync Map Google Docs as a Drive Letter

Google Docs 2-Way Sync

With the 4.0 release of Gladinet Cloud Desktop, we now support a 2-way sync between storage services like Google Docs and a local folder. With Google Docs, the synchronization happens in real time so that your local folder is always exactly the same as your cloud folder.   How to Setup 2-Way Sync The first step is the same as in version 3.0, you will need to install Gladinet Cloud Desktop and mount Google Docs into your Windows Explorer. You can mount virtual directory from Gladinet Management Console.

Gladinet Cloud Version 4.0 Release

Gladinet Cloud 4.0 is here. It was a pretty big milestone. Looking back, Gladinet 1.0 has only one single product, the Gladinet Cloud Desktop. Gladinet 3.0 introduced the Gladinet Cloud Backup and Gladinet Cloud AFS, as several different products loosely coupled.  Now in version 4.0, these different products are more tightly integrated around the key offering - the Gladinet Cloud service. In version 4.0 Professional Edition, there is a new 2-way sync feature that makes it easy to sync your cloud storage such as Google Docs with your local documents. It also supports Google Docs 2-step authentication too. In version 4.0 Premium Edition, it comes with default Gladinet Cloud Storage. This opens the door for features like web browser portal, iOS app and file sharing features.  The cloud backup product in version 3.0 is now aligned with the premium edition. In the 4.0 Team Edition,  it has team folder collaboration, active directory integration, file server support and aligns with the

Gladinet Cloud + Google Cloud Storage

This morning, Google Enterprise Blog published this article titled “Google Cloud Storage brings more storage solutions to the enterprise”. As a quote from the Google blog: We (Google) are also seeing lots of technology providers integrating Google Cloud Storage directly into their offerings. For example, several providers of enterprise storage solutions have integrated with Google Cloud Storage to make their products and services even better. Gladinet is proud to be one of the first partners mentioned in the article since we bring a very unique solution to Google Cloud Storage – a simple online collaboration, online file storage, offsite backup and team work space solution.

Bring Your Own Cloud Storage Account

Prior to Cloud Storage, bring your own storage to traditional software is common sense. You may bring your own USB drive and have the backup software back it up to your USB drive. As long as you possess the USB drive, you have the data available. Bringing your own cloud storage to Gladinet Cloud is similar. Gladinet Cloud provides anywhere access, peer sharing, team collaboration, mobile app functionalities to cloud storage. When you bring your own cloud storage account to Gladinet Cloud, not only you have all the benefits Gladinet Cloud provides, you also have full data ownership since it is your own cloud storage account. When you sign up for a Gladinet Premium account or Gladinet Team account, you can choose default storage provided by Gladinet. You can also choose to plug in your own storage account. Plugin Your Own Cloud Storage After that, you can configure your Gladinet Cloud account with your own storage account.