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Media Company Replaces Dropbox with CentreStack for Business Continuity

A significant challenge when using Dropbox as a sync and backup solution for a file server with a large data set is that your daily productivity can be significantly reduced if the file server and Dropbox ever lose synchronization. This can happen because of bugs, natural disasters, or power outages. In this article, we explain how one company learned this the hard way after their business was virtually on hold while waiting for 2 weeks to resynchronize data. We'll also explore how they guaranteed it would never happen again by using CentreStack for remote access to their file shares with cloud backup enabled.  One of our MSP partners recently asked us to help them demo CentreStack to a customer that specialized in construction photography. The company had generated more than 10 TB of data as they documented the construction of skyscrapers in New York. This data was stored on their local file server but they needed a way to solve three issues: Remote photographers needed to sync t

Enterprise File Sharing Solution: Consolidate Multiple Construction Offices With a Cloud-Based File Server

  Secure file sharing is a major challenge of remote working. Organizations with branches distributed across different locations need a unified, secure means of communication that can enable seamless collaboration between various branches, partners, and stakeholders.   There are various methods to combat this challenge, but each carries distinct disadvantages ranging from cost to complexity. Additionally, most of the effective solutions require complementary services that make extraneous products necessary, leaving gaps that create more problems in the long run. However,   our corporate cloud solution, complete with sync and share features for data centralization, provides an optimal, comprehensive solution. Flexible and efficient, using a cloud-based file server as a centralized data repository and access point is the best solution for businesses whose needs align with the benefits of cloud-based storage services. Nevertheless, given the fairly new development of this kind of s