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Desktop Connection for Google Docs Business Users

Google Apps is getting popular. With email, documents and many other services integrated together, it gives Small and Medium sized business (SMB) an excellent cloud infrastructure to run business. This article discuss desktop connectivity for Google Docs business users. For SMBs, typically the first step is moving existing documents into Google Docs for backup. And the second step is to backup Google Docs to local hard drive for business continuity.  This way the main focus of the IT infrastructure is moved to Google Apps and leverage local resources for backup purpose. Gladinet Cloud Desktop is the solution to satisfy both needs.

Cloud Storage Infrastructure Overview

Almost all the hosting service providers in the world provide FTP service, a very well known form of online storage. Some may call it cloud storage service if ‘cloud’ was used as a loose term referring to any service provided over the Internet.  It is also a well known technology that finds its way into major operating systems. For example, you can have FTP service in Windows 2003, Linux and other OS. It is fairly straight forward for service providers to setup FTP services for their customers. FTP was a technology invented in the 1970s and got popular around 1990s.Now fast forward 20 years to Cloud Storage as we know it today as something scalable; something pay-by-usage; something over the Internet with HTTP and HTTPS; something built with redundancy and replication and something far more complicated than FTP. Service providers are looking for quick and easy cloud storage solutions that they can offer to customers. Eventually cloud storage service will be like that, becoming a commo…

A File Sync Solution for OpenStack Object Storage

In a recent news, Dell, Opscode and Rackspace demonstrated at the third annual Cloud Connect conference that it is possible to provision an OpenStack cloud from bare metal hardware in one hour. - eWeek.
It showed that it is very practical to deploy a scalable storage and compute cloud infrastructure. With the ease of the setup, now service providers, corporations and any one looking to deploy large-scale cloud deployments for private or public clouds can leverage OpenStack.
Now the questions is, what are the applications you can put on your laptops and desktops to leverage the scalable cloud storage and cloud infrastructure such as OpenStack?
This article will cover a very popular use case – leverage OpenStack Object Storage for file sync among multiple PCs.

BASIC Cloud Storage Use Cases

Gladinet has reached over 750,000 downloads and many users have reached out to Gladinet and send us their feedbacks. When working with these customers, we can see what they want to do with Cloud Storage Services and summarize several significant cloud storage use cases and requirements. Together, we call the use cases the BASIC requirements.
BASIC is actually pretty basic, as each capitalized letter stands for:
B – Backup to Cloud Storage
A – Access Cloud Storage with Drive Letter
S – Synchronization of files and folders
I – Integrate Local Application with Cloud Storage
(Updated 9/30/2011: With the release of Gladinet Cloud, I also means Identity)
C – Connect Cloud Storage Services together, Connect people together over Cloud Storage
(Updated 9/30/2011: For Gladinet Cloud, C could mean Control)

EMC Atmos Desktop Integration

You are the CTO or decision maker for a service provider, a school or a trusted solution provider or any company that can make good use of EMC Atmos, a low cost and scalable storage solution in the age of cloud computing. You are thinking about how to best leverage EMC Atmos for your customers, your employees or any group of users.
This article discuss a reference implementation that best leverage EMC Atmos technology and integrate EMC Atmos into user’s desktop PCs.

A Quick and Easy Backup Solution for Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure Storage is getting more popular and more and more Gladinet customers are using Azure Storage now.
One of the primary use case for Windows Azure Storage is Online Backup. It is pretty cool to have your local documents and folders backup to Windows Azure, inside data centers run by Microsoft, a strong brand name that you can trust with your important data.
This article will walk you through the new Gladinet Cloud Backup 3.0, a simple and yet complete backup solution for your Windows PC, Server and Workstations.

Use EMC Atmos for File Synchronization

EMC Atmos is a cloud storage infrastructure. Atmos can be used by telecom service providers as an in-data-center cloud storage infrastructure. Atmos can also be used by private companies as an on-premise cloud storage. Its use case is as wide as you can imaging with any cloud storage services.
One of the popular use case of cloud storage is to use it for file synchronization purpose. The basic setup is that you have multiple PCs.  You can sync a special folder from one PC to the other PCs and vise versa. This article will go over the steps to get it done.
Step 1 – Download and Install Gladinet Cloud DesktopGladinet Cloud Desktop version 3 release includes a Cloud Sync Folder feature. You can make any of your local folder a Cloud Sync Folder and associate that with your EMC Atmos account. Once it is associated with your account, the changes in the folder will be monitored and the content will be under version control in your EMC Atmos account.

AT&T Synaptic Storage Access Enablers

Synaptic Storage is AT&T’s Storage as a Service offering. It is one of the public cloud storage service, offering scalable, pay-per-use data storage you can access anywhere.It has be in the market for over a year now. However, it is not plug and play like other AT&T services such as DSL or Telephone services. In order to use Synaptic Storage, you will need an access enabler. As an analogy, A DSL modem is an access enabler for the DSL service. A telephone is an access enabler for the telephone service. An access enabler is a piece of software or hardware that serves as an end point in your home or office, connecting your applications to AT&T Synaptic Storage.Gladinet provides a set of access enablers for AT&T Synaptic Storage. Together, the set of access enabler is the Gladinet Cloud Access Suite. Depending on your use case, there are several things that you can do with the access enablers.